If you're here, it's likely for one of the following reasons:

1) You're a classic video game "enthusiast" looking for information on the classic 1982 Williams video game SiniStar,
in which case you're looking for THIS PAGE.

2) You were here in the past looking for SiniStar-related info

3) You know me personally and are poking around after noticing that an email from me came from the sinistar.com domain. This happens fairly often.

Whatever the case, welcome. Or welcome back.

By way of explanation:

The "original" SiniStar page, which had been offline for some time now, was created in 1995 when some friends of mine
started a short-lived online 'zine called Hype. Since the internet (and the WWW in particular) was just emerging as a mainstream force
at that time, these friends reckoned they wanted to establish some kind of presence relatively early on,
and since I'd just started collecting "vintage" upright arcade video games at that point,
they asked if I'd write a couple of articles about my favorites. So I did.

These became part of an issue of Hype, and though the 'zine itself has long since vanished,
I decided long ago to make the SiniStar article the front page of the sinistar.com domain,
since it generated a trickle of positive interest and seemed to help people remember the game.

I left it up for years, until I realized that it was causing some mild problems with business associates who'd ended up here for reason #3 above.
Not knowing me well, the page's arcane geekery tended to elicit reactions in these folks ranging from simple bafflement to a sort of confused suspicion, and I got tired of fielding the inevitable questions
and took it down. However, as I've been getting back into the classic game collecting hobby again, the subject of this page came up
and I figured it was time to do something, hence this explanation.

You will notice some endearingly hilarious signs of the Sinistar page's extreme age-
The "Netscape Now!" image, the "Think Different" logo and the NeXT icon
(I was a NeXT user for a few years). I have left these in as a sort of combination reminder of a past state of the art
and a petulant reaction against the ephemeral nature of everything on the internet.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.